Our ethics and principles

The principles of good science, independence and ‘doing the right thing’ have been our guide to making a difference in the built environment since 1921. These principles have built our reputation and the trust that people have in us. We aim to uphold the highest ethical standards and to be beyond reproach in everything we do.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

BRE’s mission is to build a better world together. Our vision is to make an unmistakable imprint on a highly regarded built environment. The diagram below illustrates the six core values that underpin our mission.

It is important that we all:

  • Focus on our customers – place the customer at the centre of all that we do, and proactively seek understanding of industry opportunities and customer needs,
  • Collaborate – work together as a team and with our customers, stakeholders and partners to create value and achieve success,
  • Be innovative in our thinking – use creativity and entrepreneurship to continually improve ourselves and the impact we create,
  • Be ambitious – consider the role we and our team will play in the company’s growth and success in the UK and internationally,
  • Take personal responsibility and self-motivate – be agile, responding with pace and reliability to the needs of customers and colleagues, and
  • Individually and collectively take responsibility for working with excellence and to the highest ethical standards to make sure we are all beyond reproach in all we do.

Our Culture

Our culture is determined by the behaviour of our people and everyone has an essential part to play. We want to maintain an environment where all our employees feel included and able to perform at their best. We make sure that the ‘right’ attitude is acknowledged, success is celebrated and people feel valued. By recognising behaviours that reflect our values we strive to create and maintain a culture where BRE’s core values are reinforced and firmly embedded in everything we do.

We must never let ourselves become complacent. We must always strive to be better and further improve our business practices to ensure that every single individual working on behalf of BRE behaves the BRE way.