Welcome to the BRE Way, our Code of Conduct. It sets out the fundamental rules we must all follow in BRE and explains how our values and working principles should steer our decisions.

What we do and how we do it sends a powerful message to our clients, our business partners, and to prospective BRE employees. It also differentiates us from our competitors. To help us understand the ethical and legal requirements that we must adhere to in our business activities, we rely on the BRE Way and will update it periodically so that it remains adequate and relevant to our work.

Much has changed as BRE has evolved as a world leading multi-disciplinary building science centre. But one constant continues to be the hallmark of our culture — our commitment to be beyond reproach in all we do.

Our values are expressed through our people and their behaviour. Our reputation, and our future success, depends on each of us embracing the principles described in the BRE Way and putting them into practice. We are all responsible for maintaining high ethical standards. While our Code provides guidance, you are expected to exercise good judgment and common sense to safeguard and reinforce our reputation and promote the BRE brand.

If you are concerned that the BRE Way is not being followed or feel unsure about any situation, I encourage you to seek advice right away. Our Code outlines a number of channels through which you may raise an issue. BRE has a zero-tolerance approach towards retaliation and we will always help and support you in doing the right thing.

Thank you for your continued dedication to BRE and for your commitment to our culture of excellence, respect and integrity. By working as a team, we can build on our long-standing traditions and create a strong and resilient company united by our core values, a company that we can all be proud of.