The buildings that help rebuild lives and communities

With the increasing impact of climate change the number of natural disasters is growing rapidly. How do we ensure that affected communities can quickly and sustainably recover and rebuild their lives and communities? Providing shelter for displaced people and families is one of the first critical components of disaster relief. Shelters need to be designed … Continue reading “The buildings that help rebuild lives and communities”

Statement on Grenfell Tower

Following the tragic fire that occurred last week at Grenfell Tower, our thoughts are with those many people so devastatingly impacted by the fire. We are committed to do our utmost to support whatever needs arise from this incident. Over the past few days BRE has been working closely with the government and other stakeholders to … Continue reading “Statement on Grenfell Tower”

Daylight or darkness? How daylighting design impacts health

People expect good natural lighting, both daylight and sunlight, in their homes. In cities, however, external obstructions restrict the amount of light that is available. A BRE publication, ‘Site layout planning for daylight and sunlight: a guide to good practice’ (BRE Report BR209) gives guidance in this area. It explains how to limit the loss … Continue reading “Daylight or darkness? How daylighting design impacts health”

Life cycle assessments, EPD, BRE LINA and the need for transparency

The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) feel it’s crucial that the joinery industry adopt life cycle assessments and Environmental Product Declarations en masse. Read Kevin Underwood’s report on the need for product manufacturers to provide transparent EPDs, and how BRE’s online tool LINA makes life cycle assessments more accessible.

The UK BREEAM Finder App

Want to find out what BREEAM rating a building has, or information about a BREEAM building nearby? Need to find a local BREEAM assessor?