The BIM Explainer

Not long ago I read and really liked Randall Monroe’s Book Thing Explainer, and for years I have read his page. It was interesting because it explained things only using the most used ten hundred words; so I have done the same by writing this piece about Building Information Modelling (BIM). This is because that … Continue reading “The BIM Explainer”

BIM business systems certification brings business benefits to BSD

BIM Manager of consulting engineers BSD Ellie Hayes talks to the BRE team about the UK-wide company’s recently awarded BRE BIM Business Systems Certification which demonstrates a company’s compliance with the requirements of BIM Level 2. She explains how BSD and its clients stand to benefit. 1. How long have you been using BIM in your … Continue reading “BIM business systems certification brings business benefits to BSD”

Driving sustainable real estate across Europe and beyond

A survey of property investors posed the question, ‘How will green buildings perform against non-green buildings?’ An overwhelming 86% of respondents said that green buildings will become more valuable. Since then the pressures on real estate owners and managers to make their properties more sustainable have continued to grow. However, there is more to sustainability … Continue reading “Driving sustainable real estate across Europe and beyond”

All about BREEAM

Since its launch in 1990, BREEAM has become known around the world as a mark of quality for sustainable construction.

Research at Cardiff

Find out more about the great work being supported by the BRE Trust at the BRE Trust Centre for Sustainable Engineering at Cardiff University. Current research ranges from BIM, energy modelling, water modelling to resilience. Click on a PhD project to find out more: 2035 Oil and Gas Infrastructure Pathways for Iraq, Kraidie 2050 Energy … Continue reading “Research at Cardiff”

Lighting impacts on health and what the industry should know

Adequate lighting and lighting controls, including the provision of emergency lighting, are essential to enable people to work and move around a building or external site safely. Poor lighting, particularly lighting that causes glare, can give visual discomfort which may result in sore eyes, headaches, and aches and pains associated with poor body posture. It … Continue reading “Lighting impacts on health and what the industry should know”

What makes a good home?

Following an extensive consultation with leading players in the house building industry, BRE’s national quality mark for new housing, the Home Quality Mark (HQM), is now open for registrations.  HQM is designed to transform the way consumers choose the homes they buy and rent and allow housebuilders to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. A copy of the HQM … Continue reading “What makes a good home?”